Property Management Simplified

About Us

Creating Responsible Landlords & Tenants in a Sustainable Community

RentBook is a collection of property managers, tired of the sophisticated software and services made only for tech savvy professionals. We bring simplicity, efficiency & integrity to the rental & property management process. We concentrate on taking care of the essentials so that you can further develop your relationships with your customers through human & mobile app interaction. Rentsquared Inc. and the mobile application, RentBook, was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada.
We are Canadians, simplifying property management for landlords in North America.

Our Values

Landlords That Value Trust


Our values give us the guidelines to help us improve ourselves for the common goal. It is through our values that we are able to give our customers the best concept, logic and product collectively.


Its great to have features only when you know how to use them. We take the professional world of property management and simplify it so that casual home owners can also streamline their rental processes.



We just love overthinking the simplicity process. We apply the psychology of property managers & tenants into each level of our app to give the most natural experience to our users. New users will naturally learn our app with the intuitive design and the small details that have been integrated to match the habits the user. 



Its hard for quality and speed to go hand in hand. RentBook invested numerous months into designing an interface that is tailored to the non-professional property owner in mind. Through our application's design & tutorials, the property rental and management process should come naturally for both property manager & tenant, and not through rigorous reading.





RentBook is a mobile only application. With the non-professional property owner in mind, we understand that you have a job to go to and most likely need to manage everything on the go. Our application is designed for mobility so that the landlord and tenant can perform essential tasks all at the palm of their hand. Unlike existing online web services for property management, which are optimised for traditional computers, we are only available on iOS & Android.




Our customers, both manager & tenant are a part of the RentBook family.  We hope to grow together and provide a brand and service that will be sought after for years to come. Our goal is to have our customers look for us everywhere they go because you enjoy the freedom and stress-free services we provide.