Effortlessly Collect Rent In Canada

About Us

We're tired of Chasing After Rent

Property Rent is key to a landlord's cashflow. Variance in time for settled funds are a hassle to deal with and creates anxiety for landlords regarding their own payments. RentBook was made to help landlords easily setup recurring payments with their tenants so that they would no longer have to worry about chasing after unpaid rent.
Every Payment Is Automated According to Your Schedule.
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Why Landlords Love Us


Reliable rental income is important to you. We help you spend less time & money on tedious work so that you can go and expand your horizons. RentBook Mobile App allows property managers to set payments terms and automate payments using out EFT payment system.

Receive deposits & monthly rent payments directly in your bank account all on your mobile phone. Quickly document expenses and communicate about maintenance requests with tenants in RentBook.

Why Tenants Love Us


Do you hate having your landlord pester you for rent? With RentBook, there's no longer a need to receive those awkward messages about late rent. All payments are automated.

Tenants save time and can feel secure with property services & communication channels in the palm of their hands. All transactions, tasks, and past leases are documented, making it easy for disputes, filing taxes, and organisation.


Sustainability & Environmental Awareness


Rentsquared Inc. is proud to provide services that reduce human carbon footprints. Saving our earth is a team effort and won't work if we only dream about it. Action must be taken.

The RentBook Mobile App was designed to eliminate overhead costs and streamline property management processes. This means landlords should be able to drive less, create less paper waste, and create less carbon emissions. It means less trips to the bank and more focus on spending time with their family.