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Recurring Payments

This feature allows you to automatically deduct rent or other payments from a customer's bank account automatically. Landlords & Tenants can make electronic payment agreements in-app which makes rent collection a breeze!

Overdraft Protection For Landlords & Tenants

In all transactions within the RentBook Mobile App, we provide Overdraft Protection for both Landlords & Tenants. Read more about the feature here.

Online EFT Bank to Bank Payments

Mobile Electronic funds transfers are fast, simple, and save you time and money. There's no reason for a Tenant to not spend 10 seconds to pay his or her rent given the convenience of RentBook. With the choice of recurring payments in RentBook, you can be assured the Tenant will pay on time every month!

One of the biggest downsides to using paper checks to make mass payments is that it is a slow process. You must wait for postal service hours, including accounting for no mail service on holidays. In addition, it takes time for the envelope to be processed and then transferred to the state and address you put on the envelope. You can save time by immediately transferring the money through your phone, no matter what time of day it is.

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