Tasks & Financials



Keep track of your Rent Income & Expenses that can be exported for your accountant In Excel and print out invoices to Tenants.

What the balance for the month? With so much transactions going on, it easy to get lost in your finances. The financials & reports feature helps landlords and tenants keep track of their income and expenses which can be exported in the form of and Excel Spreadsheet when called upon.

The more integrity from the user, the greater the rewards.

Handle your Maintenance & Administrative Tasks with Transparency, Documentation, & Real Time Instant Progress Updates on RentBook

Ever have a tenant complain and cause trouble on purpose even after you the fixed the problem? 

RentBook provides landlords with a mobile task management system that keeps track of their work & maintenance. Every action can be recorded with the option to upload pictures and documents, so that there is an electronic trail with proof in the case of a dispute.

The task management feature is linked with the financials so any costs paid or money received will be automatically updated in your transactions.