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Canadian Landlords Can Effortlessly Automate Rental Payment Collection On Their Phone

Most small landlords in Canada have faced issues in the past, such as having to track down late rental payments or dealing with missed mortgage payments due to delayed bank transfers. Issues like these can create immense amounts of stress for landlords when rent collection time comes around once a month. For landlords in Canada, there are not many options available for automating rental payment collection. However, a mobile application called RentBook has helped eliminate this problem for hundreds of Canadian landlords by creating a platform for them to effortlessly automate rental payment collection from the convenience of their mobile phones for the first time ever.

RentBook allows landlords to schedule payments, track billing, record expenses, and communicate with tenants in one convenient location. Organisation and record-keeping for tax filing or dispute purposes are easier than ever, thanks to the RentBook mobile application. Additionally, RentBook offers competitive transfer fee rates, overdraft protection services, and rental advertisement listing services. Small landlords in Canada now have the ability to fully automate property management processes with the help of the RentBook mobile application, taking the hassle out of collecting rental payments from tenants each month.

“The RentBook team is thrilled that we have been able to help hundreds of small Canadian landlords take the stress out of collecting rental payments. Being a landlord is already stressful enough—the last thing a landlord wants to deal with is having to track down rent money and deal with overdue mortgage payments,” shared Christopher L.K.H., co-founder of RentBook. “The RentBook app was made to completely automate all the tasks that landlords face, such as rent collection, expense tracking, and tenant communication. Our goal is to make life easier for small landlords in Canada, and our team of experts is constantly working on finding ways we can further improve our services. Even though RentBook is already succeeding in simplifying rent collection for landlords, we are continually developing new features to add to the mobile app.”

Not only does RentBook eliminate the stress of rental payment collection, but it also helps landlords to reduce their carbon footprint. When using RentBook, landlords can reduce overhead costs and streamline property management processes by having all the necessary tools available at their fingertips in the form of a mobile application. By using RentBook to collect and process monthly rental payments, landlords will find they are able to drive less by eliminating frequent trips to the bank, creating less paper waste, and emitting fewer carbon emissions.

The RentBook mobile application features an innovative, user-friendly platform that facilitates bank-to-bank direct transfers with a $10,000 limit and a 1 to 3-day processing time for a small fee of $5.00 CAD. Landlords can rely on RentBook to deposit payments in a timely manner according to schedule, so there is no worrying involved when awaiting rental payments from tenants. The RentBook mobile application is available to download now on iOS and Android. RentBook is only available for use for landlords located in Canada.

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