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COVID-19 & the importance of the RentBook Mobile App

With the Corona Virus creating epidemics and renting problems for tenants, it is more important than ever to establish communication channels that are standardised throughout your properties.

Tenants all over the world have started to ask landlords to either give them a few months or free or reduced rent. Landlords that run a tight cash flow will most likely feel the hit fast while other debt free property owners will be have to be more frugal in these turbulent times.

A few points to remember for RentBook Users:

1. Communication

The tenants or property owners may be under quarantine, but they definitely have their phone on them. In these times, mobile phone usage is at an all time high so RentBook definitely gives you an edge in communication. Use the billboard announcement feature to your advantage to make standardised announcements to all of your tenants of a target property.

2. Payments & Rent.

If your are feeling nice and want to reduce rent, feel free to use our systems one time payment system to give cash back to your tenants after they have paid their rents. Everyone is on their phone these days and accessing RentBook is much faster than going on a computer, clicking a bookmarked site, and going through the protocols to make a payment.

3. Remember to follow your local laws

The eviction function is really a tool to ensure you have all your supporting evidence and documents for both parties to see when you proceed with an eviction. If you do not have the supporting documents, you are just wasting your time as RentBook's Eviction Function is not backed by any laws in any countries. It acts as merely a tool for you to documents and share the situation for future reference.

No matter how much you want to evict someone in these turbulent times, please remember your local laws and abide by them for everyone's safety.

UPDATE: Ontario has announced to no longer process evictions until further notice.

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