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The COVID-19 pandemic is escalating and is met with changing responses around the world.  Rentsquared Inc. hopes everyone stays vigilant and aware at all times during this pandemic.

The health and safety of our users is our top priority. With the escalation of cases in our city and measures implemented by the Government of Ontario and Canada as well as Toronto Public Health, we write to advise both landlords & tenants about safety measures.


Based on the seriousness and the escalation of isolation measures set out by Canada Health and Toronto Public Health, residents returning home from anywhere in the world, including but not limited to, the USA, must isolate for 14 days. These measures do not exempt condominium buildings. The period of isolation requires all residents to stay home, not socialize, not going for walks, etc.  

For more information in this matter, please visit Canada Health and Toronto Public Health

Valet Services:

We recommend landlords cancel valet services if they are still available.


Contractors are required to exercise health and safety measures while on site such as wearing masks and wearing gloves. Best to have effective immediately, contractors providing essential or emergency services to common elements will continue as needed. 

Food Deliveries:

Please exercise with caution and wear a mask. You never know if the courier has COVID-19.

Remember to spray the packaging with alcohol just incase the packaging is contaminated.

Parcel Deliveries:

Please limit your deliveries at this time. It's tempting to buy online but you never know if the courier has COVID-19. Landlords should have rules set in place for this.

Garbage Disposal:

The garbage chutes and refuse rooms are potential transmission areas, and as such, we ask all residents to reduce the number of occasions these areas are used. Always wear gloves and thoroughly clean and sanitize your hands after usage.  If you are in self isolation, or quarantine, please contact the concierge or management to make arrangements for waste disposal.


Please ensure to follow proper protocol; A maximum of three (3) persons per elevator car at any one time is the recommended maximum during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please wait for the next elevator cab if required. Please do not touch the elevator call buttons, railings, etc. with bare hands.


We encourage keeping visitors to a minimum, even friends and family.


Landlords & Residents please consider the need before engaging the services.  If residents are under isolation, it is recommended that residents be in a separate room from the spaces being cleaned. Housekeepers are required to exercise health and safety measures while on site such as wearing masks and wearing gloves.

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