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What is a Casual Home Owner?

A casual home owner is a person that isn't a professional property manager but engages in property management & rental work. Most of these individuals work a full time job and has to manage their own properties at the same time. Some, on the other hand, may be retiring, but manages a few homes as a source of stable income. As the technological world develops, there are more and more services available to help professionals streamline their tasks, eliminating human error and saving time & money.

The Problem?

What about the casual home owners? How are they suppose to understand all the professional terms & tasks without prior training?

The Solution

The RentBook App is the answer to the problem. By filtering out the essentials of property management & rental, we first separate the needs from the wants. We then design the concept, logic flow and user interface by prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and mobility to deliver all the essentials. Finally, we professionally package the product to ensure our services are extremely economically friendly and easy to use.

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