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Top 7 Reasons RentBook will have high adoption in Canada

Available on iOS & Google Play

Both Landlord & Tenant are required to download the app.

From finding new tenants to managing payments from existing ones, RentBook is solving critical problems for our customers. It’s that extreme customer focus and innovative approach that have earned us a stellar reputation in the property industry.

Why are more and more successful landlords turning to RentBook to help them streamline their business and secure their cashflow? Here are the Top 10 reasons.

1. It’s Built to Effortlessly Collect Rent

Property professionals —whether they are managing multifamily, student or HOA properties—face distinct challenges in their daily routine. A property management platform needs to fit like a glove. Our rental collection App is built to protect the landlord and help him secure & automate his cashflow.

2. We Grow with You

Landlords need property management software that grows with with. Our platform can easily scale young landlords to mature owners. Better yet, RentBook gives you the ability to centralize and automate complex structures. From maintenance to owner reporting, our solution is modularized, so that you can take advantage of features as you need them.

3. Completely User Friendly

No one wants to use a an app that isn’t intuitive and takes forever to figure out. To be as productive as possible, you need property management software that just works – one that is without a learning curve. Every icon and notification is displayed to guide you effortlessly through the whole process.

4. Revenue Goes Up, Costs Come Down

The ultimate purpose of investing in a property management platform is to run your business in a way that is smarter, faster and more profitable. Property professionals have turned to our solution because it improves productivity as well as increases revenue and lowering costs. For example, within the first three months, landlords that adopt the RentBook App experience a significant increase in online payments. Just think about what that can do to vastly increase on-time payments, reduce collection efforts and put money in the bank more quickly.

5. We Streamline Operations

We understand the property business; not only do you need to fill any vacancies, you need to qualify prospective tenants to ensure you have a quality renter who can pay their rent on time every month. However, it can be a complex, seemingly never-ending stream of tasks. Our property management platform not only helps you automate the leasing cycle – it makes it a rich, customer-centric experience for your tenants. This means reducing the hassle for both tenants and landlords by enabling a seamless process from application through to welcome letters.

6. Enjoy Better Communication

On a day-to-day basis, tenant management software makes interactions between the renter and the property firm easier and more efficient. With a user-friendly tenant portal that offers services like maintenance requests and access to all property communications and records, property managers can quickly answer any tenant repair queries and tenants can log on to view rent receipts and other pertinent information. It makes tenant living as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

7. Online Payments + Integrated Accounting

Collecting rent is the lifeblood of any property management company. Just how well you do it has a deep impact on both property firm growth and owner satisfaction. RentBook platform enables you to collect and track rent payments. Because it is designed specifically for the property industry, you can easily keep a finger on the pulse of your business.

About RentBook

We're tired of Chasing After Rent

Property Rent is key to a landlord's cashflow. Variance in time for settled funds are a hassle to deal with and creates anxiety for landlords regarding their own payments. RentBook was made to help landlords easily setup recurring payments with their tenants so that they would no longer have to worry about chasing after unpaid rent.

Every Payment Is Automated According to Your Schedule.

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