Intelligent Financial Background Screening



RentBook offers intelligent financial background screening reports to every landlord & property manager in Canada. The tenant screening reports empower landlords to confidently assess if a tenant is a sustainable match by combining annual transaction data and our expert intelligence analytical algorithms. Our feature lets the property manager / landlord pay for the screening and is all done within the app. If there is an agreement for the prospect to pay, the landlord can add the fee later on in the deposit.

Intelligent financial background screening allows landlords and property managers to make better decisions, faster. The traditional credit report is no longer the best way to determine the suitability & financial standing of a prospect. Our screen shows you DEFINITIVE information and variables needed by all landlords to make a sound decision. We also provide an in-house rating that is bespoke to your property, something other large companies don't do!

Every year in the United States and Canada landlords lose more than $37 billion to unpaid rent, property damages, evictions, and legal fees. It often takes more than 24 months to financially recover from one bad tenant. In many cases the costs associated with evicting the tenant puts small landlords on the verge of personal insolvency.

We know that a landlords greatest fear is a bad tenant. Irrelevant of how many rental units you may have, nothing else puts your rental business at risk like making the wrong tenant decision. We also know that typical screening services are outdated, not user friendly, and often not worth the prices charged. We set out to change that. We built the RentBook Intelligent Financial Background Report to be accessible to landlords of all sizes and to ensure that every report was measurably valuable to the person who receives it.

RentBook Property Management App benefits property managers and real estate professionals by not only giving them access to better screening data and tools, but by automating the tedious work of performing tenant due diligence. RentBook Financial reports are incredibly user-friendly so our users can easily understand the risks and benefits of each applicant. Our screen times are fast and are much faster than 3rd party screening services.

Learn how our partner Flinks offer the best in class security and privacy to protect user data. RentBook will never store your private financial data! Learn more about Flinks here.